Chakra in the Royal Castle in Niepołomice

This is the story about the source of incredible strength taken from the centre of the Earth. We already know the legend as the Royal Wawel Castle was built in one of the seven locations in the world that have been named chakras. Chakras are called the glands of the Earth, they are centres that focus on salutation for man and environmental energy; they are located in the eternal cities: Delhi, Mecca, Delphi, Jerusalem, Rome, Velehrad and Kraków. There is a second part to this legend that is connected with ‘the second Wawel’, as labelled by the chronicler, Jan Długosz, the Royal Castle in Niepołomice. “It was a misty morning in early spring, in 1340, when in the vicinity of a very tall castle, taller than the oak trees, Kazimierz Wielki’s team approached the south western side of Niepołomice. The King was clothed in subtle wool, he bravely jumped off his horse and ordered his team to gently carry the boxes they had transported from the Wawel. Two squires carried them past the north eastern wing of the castle. Bricklayers were already waiting, as they had been preparing the foundations to start the construction for the protective castle. The current wooden castle did not fulfil the King’s requirements. This time the King came with a modest entourage, they brought with them, what we would call today the cornerstone. In this case, it was not typical stone. The King knew that in Wawel, at the location of St. Gerona’s chapel, the pagans held special rites, it is a source of incredible strength that is taken from the centre of the Earth. Each day, befit to a King, he spent a few minutes in this place, to draw vital strength, as he spoke of Mother Earth, using this as a smoke screen for prayer. Kazimierz Wielki had a special fondness for the fairer sex and this vitality was what he needed the most. It is no surprise that at the time of the renovation of the pre-Romanesque church and when building the Gothic castle on the Wawel, that the King ordered them to extract the deepest rock, that was then used as the cornerstone for building the Castle in Niepołomice. Since then, it is enough to adhere the King to the appropriate place in the Castle, in order to take full advantage of the free flowing energy”. Adam Michalec – “Zamkowe Osobliwości” The following legend was confirmed by scientists from the Jagiellonian University, they found electromagnetic radiation of extremely low frequency in the Royal Castle in Niepołomice, which is the same as that found on the Wawel Hill.

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